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We Can Be Free

Music & Lyrics by Heidi Joy


Here I am in this land
There's a space to fill, not by man
Could it be that I have wandered too far
Out of reach of your guiding hand

What about me, Lord
What about me
Why can't I see, Lord?
What about me

I have found no comfort in pain
How could your love be contained
Shouldn't it feed all of those who need
Shouldn't we all see that You are free

Set us free, Lord
Set us free
Why can't we see, Lord?
Set us free

Boundaries will come tumbling down
with a light you shine all around
It's up to me to see all that it can be
You gave us wings to set us free

We can be free, Lord
We can be free
Why can't we see, Lord?
We can be free